DC Abstraction Shines at Pazo Fine Art

Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D., East City Art reviews, August 12, 2021

Figurative and content-driven art, often political in character, has been dominating contemporary art everywhere.  Yet recently later twentieth century abstraction has also been getting renewed attention.  Paintings from the Washington Color School have been featured in multiple exhibitions in the Washington DC region.  These have particularly highlighted artists who were either on the edges of the movement or among the younger generation of painters who studied with the “second wave” of artists and were working from the 70s through and past 2000.  Among the latter, for example is the work of Kenneth Victor Young featured in two local exhibits this year. Colors of Confidence, the current exhibit at the relatively new Pazo Fine Art gallery (PFA) in Kensington, MD, shows a small but powerful group of ten works by eight DC abstract painters, three of them major names from the Washington Color School including Tom Downing, Howard Mehring and Paul Reed.



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