Sim Buhls

John Evans & John O'Connor
Sim Buhls: John Evans & John O'Connor
Dimensions: 8x10
Pages: 64
$ 29.99
Exhibition catalogue with an essay by Sasha Helinski published on the occasion of the exhibition Sim Buhls. Sim Buhls phonetically merges symbols with cymbals through their shared sound, as a means of encapsulating the playfully complex artworks of John Evans an John O'Connor. Both artists engage in a kind of visual alchemy, re-working the stuff of the everyday until something new - poetic, humorous, abstract, subversive, even transcendent - materializes. Their methods are akin to hitting a metallic cymbal, whose sonic potential is only activated and revealed once it's struck at the moment of crescendo. Evans's and O'Connor's complementary sensibilities are exemplified in their exploration of current events, social class structure, personal experiences, and construction of narrative. Both artists employ vibrant colors and graphic imagery, which foster an indelible immediacy to their works and signal to viewers a sense of urgent communication.